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Balaji Marbles and Tiles symbolizes the immaculate quality and unparalleled administration.The brand has been related with magnificence and polish, with a notoriety for giving the best class of different Sandstone.Regarded by its associates and clients alike, the organization has been ardent in its pledge to magnificence and consumer loyalty. Today, the organization has set up itself as one of India's biggest Exporter of Sandstones from all over India and trading across the world.

The significantly favorable circumstances of managing Balaji Marbles and Tiles as valued our clients which comprises of less capital tied in stock and low aggregate life cycle cost as a business perspective, every one of these outcomes expanded gainfulness with respect to our esteemed clients.
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Balaji Marbles and Tiles represent as one of the premier providers of Sandstone, situated in the Bhopal which is city in the Central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh,India. We have a wide collection of indigenous SandStones from all parts of India. Utilizing our profoundly experienced creation and quality will facilitate to provide the environment to choose the extensive variety of items for our esteemed clients.We have the team of skilled experts to help our clients to fulfill their requirements.
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Sandstones are clastic in the cause (instead of natural, similar to chalk or coal). They are framed from the established grains that might be sections of a prior shake, or else simply mono-minerallic precious stones. The concretes restricting these grains together are commonly calcite, specks of dirt and silica. Grain sizes in sands are in the scope of 0.1mm to 2mm.

Rocks with littler grain sizes incorporate siltstones and shades and are ordinarily called argillaceous residue, as are likewise muds. Rocks with bigger grain sizes incorporate the two breccias and aggregates and are named sediments.
Fintry Stone
Polar White
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