Stone Finishes

Stone needs to be finished properly before putting it into use. After getting the required finish, its surface becomes impervious, looks better and its polished or granular, crystalline or texture beauty is enhanced. Most of us know only of the polished finish of granite. However, granite can be finished in a number of ways. Each type of finish provides a different type of plain or granular look to the stone surface.

Polished finish: This is the most common finish of stone. This finish provides a mirror like surface to stone. Polished finish granites don’t get stained easily and are very easy to clean. Granite with polished finish is most popular for kitchen counter tops, wash basin counters and risers of the staircase steps.

Leather finish: Leather finish granite was almost unknown till a few years back but now, it is becoming a favourite choice of landscape consultants for landscaping work. In addition, leather finish granite is now frequently provided in pathways and courtyards. A combination of red and black leather finish granite is commonly used. The final appearance of granite provided with leather finish is granular and not plain like that of the polished surfaces. The closeness of grains in granular surface depends on the natural composition and density of granite. Leather finish can conceal the stains on granite surfaces more effectively than polished finish. This finish is not as reflective and shiny as the polished surface but has a soft sheen coupled with a granular finish that can be felt with fingers.

Antique finish: In this type of finish, a high temperature flame is applied to the surface of granite by using a blow torch. The application of flame removes the soft parts of granite and converts the surface into rough textured finish. This happens because high temperature of the flame cracks the crystals on the surface of granite. Now, the rough surface of granite is cleaned of loose particles with a steel brush. The flamed surface granite itself can also be used in walkways as it becomes highly textured and non slippery. It is used on surfaces of fireplaces and even on inner surface of hearths. As the granite surface is already tempered by use of high temperature blow torch, the heat no more troubles such surfaces

Honed finish: Honed finish of granite is produced by applying grit material to granite surface in a similar way as is done for polished finish. The only difference is that in achieving honed finish of granite, buffing of surface is not done. The end result is a smooth surface that doesn’t reflect like polished surfaces. It is, however, ensured that there are no scratch marks on the honed finish granite. Honed finish granite is a substitute for polished finish granite when it is feared that polished granite shall become slippery when wet. Therefore, some people prefer honed finish granite instead of polished finish granite for stair steps and kitchen counter tops.

Lappato finish: The word Lappato has been derived from some Italian words. To produce Lappato finish, granite surface is first grinded by using an abrasive and all the polish on the granite surface is removed. Next, scratches on granite are removed by using more stone abrasives. which is a combination of matt and gloss, less reflective and has a granular worn-out but highly elegant look. The surface is non slippery and easy to clean.

Rock Face Finish

Pointstalk Finish

Coarse Edge Finish

Pineapple Finish

Shot Blast Finish

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Flamed Finish

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