Balaji Stone Industries presents its collection of Indian Granite Stones in a variety of colors and specifications. We at Balaji Stone Industries provide you with full complete information regarding the product to make your selection more informative & useful. Granite is a versatile stone, which means that it can be produced and finished in many different polishes, looks, and feels besides it is very scratch-resistant thus making it a popular building material for their counter tops. Granite acts as a preferable choice due to its excellent properties as Heat Resistance, Scratch Free surface, Hardness, Low absorption and many such. Due to its excellent resistance to nature it is used extensively indoor and outdoor landscaping purposes.

Granite stone that has been processed for external use comes in various finishes that suits specific purposes. For example granite slabs are honed, flamed, subjected to water jet, cleft, sanded, grit blasted, finish textured and many more are just the ones you would love to furnish your interiors or for that matter even exteriors with.

Platinum White Granite

Chima Pink Granite

Rajasthan Black Granite

Rossy Pink Granite

C White Granite

Silver Star Granite

Lakha Red Granite

Bala Flower Granite

Steel Grey Granite

Tiger Skin Granite

Jirawal White Granite

Mokalsar Green Granite

GD Brown Granite

Icon Brown Granite

Imperial Pink Granite

Jhansi Red Granite

Dessert Brown Granite

Copper Silk Granite

Marie Gold Granite

Marie Green Granite

Crystal Yellow Granite

Cherry Brown Granite

Nadri Yellow Granite

New Icon Brown Granite

Bruno Red Granite

Mountain Green Granite

Royal Cream Granite

Chocolate Brown Granite

Dessert Cream Granite

Z Brown Granite

Black Pearl Granite

Colombo Juparna Granite

Colonial Cream Granite

Galaxy Black Granite

Giblee Granite

Hassan Green Granite

Himalayan Blue Granite

Imperial White Granite

Indian Juperna Granite

Mahagony Granite

Ivory Brown Granite

Ivory Fantansy Granite

Kashmir Gold Granite

Kashmir White Granite

Lady Dream Granite

Lavender Blue Granite

Madurai Gold Granite

Parabiso Bash Granite

Raw Silk Ivory Granite

Red Multi Granite

River White Granite

Ruby Red Granite

Sapphire Blue Granite

Sea Wood Green Granite

Shivahasi Gold Granite

Dessert Brown Granite

Tan Brown Granite

Tropical Green Granite

Vyara Gold Granite


Classification: Granite

Offered In: Blocks, Slabs and Tiles

Length: Customized

Breadth/Height: Customized

Thickness/ Width: Customized

Finish (Top): Polished, Antique, Honed, Leather, Lappato

Finish (Bottom): Sawn (Rough)

Sides: Natural ; Machine Cut

Applications: Interiors and Exteriors