Balaji Stone Industries is one of the leading suppliers and exporters of Indian Sandstone tile. We supply sandstone in diverse range of sizes, thickness, finish and quantities to cater to a vast clientele.

The Sandstone is generally used/applied for Paving, Flooring, Roofing, Walling and Pool Coping projects. Apart from these applications, the Sandstone is used in various large scale landscaping, carving, architectural and restoration projects.

Sandstone is widely used as paving material the bricks, strips, tiles and chips have become a popular medium and are therefore an important part of both interior and exterior decoration, too. Available in a wide range of colors and designs the sandstone bricks and tiles are gaining rapid popularity when it comes to serve the pavement purpose. The sandstone pavements are not only used commercially but also for residential constructions as well.

Kota Desert Sandstone

Teakwood Sandstone

Sagar Black Sandstone

Dholpur Red Sandstone

Dholpur Pink Sandstone

Dholpur Beige Sandstone

Kandla Grey Sandstone

Rainbow Sandstone

Chocolate Sandstone

Mandana Sandstone

Autumn Brown Sandstone

Panther Sandstone

Ripon Sandstone

Camel Yellow Sandstone

Mint Sandstone

Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone

Lalitpur Grey Sandstone

Mint Pink Sandstone

Modak Sandstone

Raj Green Sandstone

Desert Sandstone


Classification: Sandstone

Offered In: Blocks, Slabs and Tiles

Length: Customized upto 180cm

Breadth/Height: Customized upto 120cm

Thickness/ Width: Customized

Finish (Top): Natural, Honed , Cleft, Polished, Antique, Brushed, Sand blasted, Shot blasted, Rock faced and Bush hammered finish

Finish (Bottom): Natural, Calibrated (Gauged) or Sawn.

Sides: Natural, Hand chiseled, Machine\Cut Sawn

Applications: Interiors and Exteriors