Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Balaji Stone Industries (BSI) is dedicated to being the process of Natural Stones. We are committed to achieve customer delight through implementing and maintaining quality system by continuous improvement (kaizen) employee development (training) and maintain market leadership in the quality. Quality is our prime concern. We are able to maintain high quality standards through our committed personnel and sound infrastructure. We ensure that finest quality material is used for our products.

Our Quality Objectives

  • Improvement of customer satisfaction

  • Improvement in delivery performance of projects

  • Reduction in cost over budgeted cost

  • Improvement of suppliers performanceContinuous up-gradation of knowledge & skills of employees

  • To continually improve quality of products & services

EHS Policy

Environment, Health & Safety Policy

We are committed to the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of our EHS Management Systems.

It is the policy of Freescale to conduct all business activities in a responsible manner, free from recognized hazards, and to respect the environment, health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, partners and the community.

We will comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety legal requirements and with other requirements to which we subscribe, related to EHS aspects and risks. We will implement programs to achieve greater protection, where appropriate. We expect employees to report environmental, health and safety concerns, to continuously maintain a safe work environment, and to actively participate in helping Freescale to achieve our EHS goals.

We are committed to the prevention of pollution and will strive to conserve the earth's natural resources through the development of sustainable products and manufacturing processes. We are working to be an industry leader in reducing, reusing and recycling wastes.

The Company is committed to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment by establishing safe operating procedures and practices that protect employees from ill health and injury and it is committed to conservation of resources and continual improvement of processes and activities in order to minimise impact on environment, prevent pollution and protect the environment.

  • We maintain effective EHS management system

  • We train and educate our employees on time to time basis regarding the safety norms

  • Each of our production unit has been constructed with taking utmost care of environment and employee safety and are providing a safe infrastructure to our employees

  • We have developed bilateral communication channels with our employees, customers, Suppliers & contractors for suggestions and execution of EHS norms and periodic review of policy norms by our experts

  • Continuous safety inspections at all locations for noticing and correcting deviations in rules and instructions as soon as possible