Cobbles Stones

We process and supply cobblestone in Granite, Limestone and Sandstone offering a range of colors and different sizes

Cobbles are generally used for pavements, outdoor houses, pool-side, landscape, garden, paving, pathways and in parking lot offer a different appearance to the place, the surface or floor looks clean, stylish and well-organized. These natural tumbled hand cut and machine cut stone has high resistance against extreme cold and warm weather. Antique cobbles can be cut to any size for creating new designs and patterns. Cobblestone is available in hand cut edge, natural surface edge, tapered or straight hand cut edges and can supplied in form of pavers.


Grey Granite Cobble 

Black Granite Cobble

White Granite Cobble

Kuppam Green Granit Cobble

Red Granite Cobble

Golden Granite Cobble

Pink Granite Cobble

Kota Blue Limestone Cobble

Kota Brown Limestone Cobble

Kandla Grey Limestone Cobble

Kadappa Black Limestone Cobble

Tandoor Blue Limestone Cobble

 Yellow Sandstone Cobble

 Red Sandstone Cobble

Teakwood Sandstone Cobble

Lalitpur Grey Sandstone Cobble

Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone Cobbles

Sagar Black Sandstone Cobbles

 Pink Sandstone Cobble

Chocolate Brown Sandstone Cobble

Raj Green Sandstone Cobbles

Mint Sandstone Cobbles

Tandoor Yellow Sandstone Cobbles

Modak Sandstone Cobbles

Multi Brown Sandstone Cobbles