Pebbles Stone

Natural Indian Pebbles, Onyx Pebbles & Stone Chips

Pebbles are small roundish stones which could be either machine tumbled or natural. Balaji Stone Industries is exporter, manufacturer and natural stone supplier of pebbles and chips. Pebbles and chips are used as decorative stones and come in various colors and sizes. Pathways, ponds, fountains, aquarium and natural ornamental jewellery are the most commonly found areas where these natural stones are used. These stones boost the beauty of the homes, offices, clubs, hotels and lawns.

Black Natural Pebbles

Black Natural Polished Pebbles

White Natural Pebbles

White Natural Polished Pebbles

Snow White Natural Pebbles

Silver Grey Marble Pebbles

Brown Natural Pebbles

Grey Natural Pebbles

Forest Brown Natural Pebbles

Forest Green Natural Pebbles

Green Natural Pebbles

Chocolate Natural Pebbles

Beige Sandstone Pebbles

Beige Natural Pebbles

Pink Sandstone Pebbles

Rainbow Sandstone Pebbles

Indian White Marble Pebbles

Mint Sandstone Pebbles

Teakwood Sandstone Pebbles

Red Sandstone Pebbles

Yellow Natural Pebbles

Yellow Sandstone Pebbles

Mix Natural Pebbles

Camel Brown Pebbles

Red Pebbles

Aqua Onyx Pebbles

Black Onyx Pebbles

Blue Onyx Pebbles

Crystal White Pebbles

Green Onyx Pebbles

Lemon Onyx Pebbles

Orange Onyx Pebbles

Pink Onyx Pebbles

Yellow Onyx Pebbles

Purple Onyx Pebbles

Red Onyx Pebbles

White Onyx Pebbles

Mix Onyx Pebbles

Black Stone Crushed Chips

Green Stone Crushed Chips

Grey Stone Crushed Chips

Red Stone Crushed Chips

White Stone Crushed Chips

Yellow Stone Crushed Chips