Lintel Stone

Balaji Stones Industries manufactures and exports Lintels in Indian Granite, Sandstone, and Limestone offering a range of colors and different sizes. Lintels are natural from the top and sides and either natural/calibrated from the bottom.

Lintel as they are called in various countries is used for fencing stone around the boundary. Traditionally Lintel were constructed from barks of trees to create a fence like appearance and serve as a defensive source from animals and enemies. Constant improvisations have been made in this field and modern days finds the application of stone fencing to be more defensive and applicable as it also adds a sense of beauty to your outdoor.

Basalt Stones Lintels

Camel Dust Lintels

Desert Sand Lintels

Golden Yellow Sandstone Lintels

Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone Lintel

Modak Sandstone Lintel